November 15th, 2006 - First Winter Storm of the Year

I lost power right at 8:30am as I was leaving to take Alexa to school. I didn't get it back until November 16th in the morning. It left a quarter of a million homes in northwestern Washington and the lower mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island without power. 60 mile an hour winds in the Strait of Georgia caused the BC Ferries (which are huge super-ferries) to shut down!

Birch Bay, where I live, is at the bottom end of the Strait of Georgia so those winds blast straight into the bay. Here's a few pics I took yesterday when I went out for a drive to check it out (hell, I couldn't work without power so I was bored):

First, here's what Birch Bay usually looks like:

Wave height is never well depicted in photographs, but most of the waves were 6 to 8 feet marching across the bay: