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Having lived in Whatcom County since 1988 it may be hard to believe that this was my first visit to Whatcom Falls! On the afternoon of July 13th with my wife and daughters out-of-town visiting relatives, I decided to pack up the gear and take the 30 minute drive from my home in Birch Bay to the falls.

The first four shots are from that afternoon - and though the light is rather flat, the potential sparked my interest, so the following 7 shots are from the next morning - July 14th. And when my eldest daughter returned that day and saw those, she begged me to loan her one of my tripods and take her there the following morning. The remainder of the shots are from that morning - July 15th - including the shots up behind the falls and the portrait I took of her, which required her to stand still for 3 full seconds! The final Photog at Work shot of myself was taken the morning before by my friend Wade.

PS Note the black crow I was tracking in three of the behind-the-falls shots. After I took the first, he seemed to wait for me to reposition the camera and then held still for the 1 second exposures, darting away each time within milliseconds of the shutter closing. It's difficult getting paid models to do that sometimes! hehheh Cheers...

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