I bought this little Skil table saw at Lowe's just before Christmas. It was on sale for $114.00 (reg $149). It had everything I needed for my uses (mainly making my picture frames). It is direct drive for straight and true cuts and has the usual safety features etc. It was lacking one important element: Table Extensions for cutting wider stock, veneer sheets, plywood and so on. Not only that, Skil doesn't even offer it as an add-on. I knew this going in and figured I'd take care of it myself - anything with extensions wide enough to be usefull jujmps into the $400 and up range.

All and all, it's a great little saw. Right out of the box I chucked the POS blade that comes with it and installed one of my good 10" blades (from my miter saw). Assuming I would have to true it up, I got out the combination square to make the necessary adjustments but was happy to find everything in perfect order. It's worked flawlessly ever since, except for that missing width. I've had to occasionally clamp a piece of wood to the bottom of a sheet to use as a fence against the outside edge of the table, and that worked fine, but I wanted a little more elegant solution.

So today i ran down and picked up the $14 worth of materials I needed and this is what I did. By 7pm all the tools were put away and the shop was cleaned up. I figure I saved around $300 and it works like is was made for it... which it was... by ME!

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